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A tattoo with a pair of smiling and Lotto Dominator Review crying masks was first associated with Latin American gangs but now it has become a common pattern. Tattoos affiliated to gang members have become famous patterns and people who are unaware of these gangs also have these tattoos on their bodies, as they like to have tattoos. Unfortunately such immigrants are denied immigrant visas and are not allowed to enter into the United States. Tattoos prevent some gang members from entering into the United States and it also denies entry of some innocent people. Many law-abiding immigrants are denied immigrant visas just because they have tattoos.

Hector Villalobos who is the spouse of a US citizen was not allowed to re-enter the United States after he was found to have tattoos. He traveled to Mexico from Colorado in order to attend his Green Card interview. He was later not allowed to return to the United States because of the tattoos on his body that were associated with Mexican gangs. He said that those tattoos are similar to the other tattoos in America and confessed that he has no affiliation with any criminal gangs in Mexico.

The Latin Americans are particularly much worried because of the tattoo checks. 
Though they do not have connection with gangs, they are denied immigrant visas just because a section of the US immigration law states that a person may be considered inadmissible on national security grounds which includes potential affiliation with criminal organizations. However, a tattoo by itself may not be the reason for the denial of a Green Card but there may be other reasons such as providing false information on the form and lying to the 
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